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1966 Bear Bryant Sports Illustrated Interviews

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  • 1966 Bear Bryant Sports Illustrated Interviews

    My Mom is moving and I'm having to clean out my old stuff. I found all 4 of the 1966 SI with the Bear Bryant interviews. They're in pretty good condition but I have no idea what the complete set would be worth. Anyone have an idea?

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    Probably not that much on the open market UNLESS they area sealed. If I was in your position, I'd put them on ebay with a reserve to cover your time. Anything less than 'x' isn't worth your time. Who knows, a Bama collector may be looking for this.

    I had a Stan Musial SI from 1964 or so that was sealed. I looked it up and it was valued at $50 or so. I gave it to a friend who was a Cardinals fan