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Do You Really Know Alabama?

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  • quack quack bang
    started a topic Do You Really Know Alabama?

    Do You Really Know Alabama?

    This year, Alabama is celebrating it's 200th anniversary of statehood. In recognition of this honor, this thread will contain information about what makes Alabama, and its people, uniquely Alabama. Post your favorite, or least favorite, person/event/place along with your explanation of its significance. Share with us why you are proud to call this place your home.

    *** From the above link***

    Formed as a territory on March 3, 1817, Alabama became the nation’s twenty-second state on December 14, 1819. ALABAMA 200 is a three-year celebration of the people, places, and events that form our rich history.

  • It Takes Eleven
    Is there a Hackberry tree champion? I had a stand of them where the lake place sits, didn’t know what they were until my tree guy told me last week when hauled some things for me. All I knew about Hackberry was that it was a street in T-town. I still have a group of three or four in front of the house, good size, dropping fruit about the size of capers or peppercorns.

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  • quack quack bang

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  • quack quack bang
    Champion Tree Program

    Alabama's Champion Tree Program began in 1970, when 28 trees were listed. In 2017, there were 159 Champion and Co-Champion trees of 143 different species. Modeled after American Forest's Big Tree Program, it is designed to discover, recognize and preserve the largest of each native tree species in Alabama. Once a champion is declared, its owner and nominator receive certificates, and a permanent marker is placed at the base of the tree.

    A Champion Tree is the largest of its particular species in Alabama. The Forestry Commission uses a formula developed by American Forests to determine the points assigned to a tree based on three size measurements. The point system is figured as follows: one point for each inch of circumference, plus one point for each foot of height, plus one point for each four feet of average crown spread. Instructions for using this formula can be found on page 12 of the Champion Tree publication.

    The Forestry Commission is charged by state law to ensure that our forests meet the needs of all Alabamians. Preserving special trees and promoting the value of trees is one of these needs.


    Species, Year Named Champion Circumference Height Spread Total County Re-Measurement Owner (O)
    [IMG]file:///C:/Users/jonathan.LAW/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.gif[/IMG] (inches) (feet) (feet) Points Year Nominator (N)
    OAK, Chestnut

    Quercus prinus, 2014 142 80 73 240 Clay 2019 Lamar Dewberry - O
    Nick Jordan - N
    OAK, Chinkapin
    Quercus muehlenbergii, 2011 141 129 95 294 Lauderdale 2021 Joe Wheeler State Park - O
    Jason Shelton - N
    Kim Mayton - N
    OAK, Live
    Quercus virginiana, 2013 363 82 136 479 Mobile 2018 Sandy Howard - O
    Dr. Harry Larsen & Fred Nation - N
    OAK, Northern Red
    Quercus rubra, 2009 130 125 95 279 Marion 2019 James Ross Markham, Sr. - O
    Tony Avery - N
    OAK, Nuttall
    Quercus texana, 2017 83 73 52 169 Lee 2022 Auburn University- O
    Morgan Beadles- N
    OAK, Overcup
    Quercus lyrata, 2013 204 117 93 344 Dallas 2018 Tom Wasmer - O, N

    OAK, Post
    Quercus stellata, 2015 255 95 122 381 Colbert 2020 Dale & Karen Smith – O
    Karen Smith - N

    OAK, Post
    Quercus stellata, 2017 225 128 97 377 Hale 2022 Alan Dennis- O
    Ethan Barrett- N
    OAK, Sand Live
    Quercus geminata, 1998 184 66 110 278 Mobile 2018 Lotawanna Lambert - O
    Richie Nell – N
    OAK, Sand Post
    Quercus margaretta, 1982 101 63 76 183 Covington 2018 Solon Dixon Forestry Ed. Center - O
    Dr. Harry Larsen - N
    OAK, Sawtooth
    Quercus acutissima, 1997 88 43 35 140 Barbour 2017 Barbour Co. Wildlife Mgmt. Area - O
    Dale Hurst - N
    OAK, Southern Red
    Quercus falcata, 1987 300 66 79 386 Pike 2018 Hunter J. Flack - O
    Silas Bonner - N
    OAK, Swamp Chestnut
    Quercus michauxii, 2007 283 124 119 437 Cleburne 2021 Cleburne County Road Dep’t. - O
    Jake Holloway - N
    OAK, Swamp White
    Quercus bicolor, 2007 122 87 29 216 Madison 2021 Goldsmith-Schiffman Wildlife
    Sanctuary - O
    Susan Weber - N
    OAK, Water
    Quercus nigra, 2012 256 96 136 386 Montgomery 2017 Kirk McKeen - O
    Katie McKeen - N
    OAK, White
    Quercus alba, 2013 267 102 119 399 Colbert 2018 Jeff Mitchell - O
    Darryl Rutland - N

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  • quack quack bang
    Countdown to Fiesta 2019!

    39 days

    03 hours

    04 minutes

    30 seconds

    Join us for Fiesta’s 17th Annual Festival: Celebrating Alabama Together
    Click here to purchase tickets.

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  • Sid Youngleman
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    Featuring original hookers.

  • quack quack bang

    Alabama's Oldest Barbecue Restaurant

    Golden Rule Bar-B-Q

    Location: 2505 Crestwood Boulevard, Irondale

    Open since: 1891 (in this location since the 1970s).

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  • quack quack bang

    Alabama's Oldest Coffee Importer

    Royal Cup Coffee

    Location: 160 Cleage Drive, Birmingham, Ala.

    Open since: 1896

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  • quack quack bang

    Alabama's Oldest Jeweler and Family Owned Retailer

    Bromberg & Co., oldest family-owned retailer in America

    Location: Headquarters (not retail) on 20th Street in Birmingham

    Open since: 1836. Founded in Mobile and expanded.

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  • quack quack bang

    Alabama's Oldest Ice Cream Parlor/Sandwich Shop

    Trowbridge's (In original location)

    Location: 316 N. Court St. Florence, Ala.

    Open since: 1918

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  • quack quack bang

    Alabama's Oldest Drug Store

    Milner-Rushing Drugs

    Location: 869 Florence Boulevard, Florence, Ala.

    Open since: 1853

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  • quack quack bang

    Alabama's Oldest Utility

    Alabama Power

    Location: 1313 Sixth Ave. N., Birmingham, Ala.

    Operating since: 1906

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  • quack quack bang

    Alabama's Oldest Hardware Store

    Harrison Brothers Hardware (In original location)

    Location: 124 Southside Square, Huntsville, Ala.

    Open since: 1879

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  • quack quack bang

    Alabama's Oldest Hotel

    Redmont Hotel (Continuously operating in same building)

    Location: 2101 Fifth Ave. N., Birmingham, Ala.

    Open since: 1925

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  • quack quack bang

    Alabama's Oldest Restaurant

    Bright Star Restaurant (In original location)

    Location: 304 19th St., Bessemer, Ala.

    Open since: 1907

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