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Post Mortem - CFP Final

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  • Post Mortem - CFP Final

    While it it is still raw, put your thoughts here.
    "There were no arguments, those were ass chewings....."
    Nick Saban 9/10/2016

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    It hurts. Waste of a legendary defense. I just hope Bama takes this pain and molds it into motivation for the future.

    everyone will declare Bama dead, but I don't think we are.


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      Legendary defense got smoked


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        I'm so fucking mad at balls right now.

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          Originally posted by Stan View Post
          Legendary defense got smoked
          Not like the offense gave them much help. They hardly got a chance to rest.


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            Originally posted by Bama Ravens View Post

            Not like the offense gave them much help. They hardly got a chance to rest.
            No doubt, it was a team loss. Watson goes over 400 two years in a row, shameful


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              Our injuries really showed up against that offensive juggernaut.
              They forced Jalen to win the game - and he couldn't this time.
              Those pick plays are a problem - just like Auburns method of blocking down field was
              Sark and Saban are going to get roasted for this loss, but Jalen at QB was bound to give us problems. They told us that early.
              We will reload on Defense. Our offense (QB) will be better. We will be in the hunt next year

              (I probably won't post much anymore. Peace out, my franz)


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                Worst officiating of all time I still can't believe they gave them the game.

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                  14 points on pick plays. Announcers pointed it out and laughed about it.


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                    Originally posted by Augustus McCrae
                    14 points on pick plays. Announcers pointed it out and laughed about it.
                    Offense has been a complete disaster since October. Tonight it killed us. It allowed Clemson offense to remain on the field for over 90 plays. Our offense couldn't put a first down together. The defense finally wore out. I know Clemson was sitting on the run and the short throws but why do you try and force your inept QB to throw over and over when all it does is put us in third and long? I don't understand Kiffin and Sark. If he can't throw it, run the damn read option every time. Hell, Auburn almost won a NC doing just that. Don't force him to do things he can't do.
                    What happened to calling illegal pick plays? Ruben and Jonathan Allen deserved a better final game. Fuck Dabo and fuck Clemson. It's not called Auburn with a Lake for nothing.

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                      Offense couldn't stay on the field. Defense couldn't get off it. Add in two shit no calls and it makes for a bad night.


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                        Bo getting injured didn't help.

                        I was hoping we could get another turnover on the last drive.

                        Don't know if it would have mattered because I can't remember where the l.o s. was, but the refs called a p.i. in the endzone when the penalty occurred just before the wr went into the endzone.


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                          Damn where to start!

                          -Ryan Anderson & Rueben Foster. Those guys played their guts out and were literally all over the field. Can't say enough about how much toughness those guys showed.

                          -Rashaan Evans showed a ton of potential at MLB. He was reading things very well.

                          -Hurts last drive. Ballsy! Yes it sucked to be in that position, but that was awesome. Great call by Sark on the double pass, great run on 4th down, great finish by Hurts. Just scored too damn fast.

                          -JK Scott. Stud. Without him that is a very different game. Glad he'll be back.

                          Well *.

                          -Third down conversions. Most of them were not even close.

                          -Going away from the RB rotation that was a strength all season. Bo is not Derrick Henry, and not giving him breaks early in the game ultimately put him at risk. He's never carried consistently carried the load at this level. The 1 carry Jacobs got he looked great, Harris was good as well. But we never committed to using them all and relied on Bo and Jalen. Thought that was a mistake.

                          -Receivers with the drops. Not the prettiest passes... But hey, Clemson guys came through for their QB.

                          -Tim Williams, Non existent. Jon Allen, non existant. Shocking for how great they've been for 2 years.

                          -Defensive Secondary in run support was really, really bad. Averette & Harrison got ran the f*ck over on the edge. Tony Brown took bad angles all night. Losing Eddie Jackson was a much bigger blow than most of anticipated.

                          -Averette in pass coverage. He physically worn down at the start of the third quarter and couldn't keep up. One time he literally quit chasing the tight end who burned him. I was shocked we didn't go to someone else for a series or two. And the last PI call... No need with a safety over the top. That was a huge mental error.

                          Last Drive

                          -We tried to Blitz right up the middle 3 times... I believe... And got burned each time. Great catches by receivers, but no adjustment by Pruitt/Saban. Seemed unnecessary considering Dabo was burning clock and playing for the field goal.

                          -Not calling a time out on the last play. Everyone's favorite 2 pt conversion play was set up perfectly for the best QB in the nation... To let that play out with man to man coverage, with no help, to the wide side which was the QB's strong side, was painful. Especially when you've already got beat on a pick play over there. Instead you finish the game with 2 TO's in your pocket and loose on a very simple. Damn.


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                            Just like 1973 against Notre Dame. We had a championship team, but didn't finish.

                            NEVER WANT TO SEE A PICK PLAY AGAIN.

                            NEVER WANT TO SEE OUR DBs OUT-JUMPED ON A LOB PASS.


                            Congrats to Dabo and Clemson. They played like champions. It hurts to lose, but can't take away from Dabo's success.


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                              Pick plays not called. Even being outplayed by Clemson, we could have won the game had those been called, as they well should have.