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    Post game observations? Park them here.

    i think there's a reason why Harris is listed before ScarBo, and we saw that tonight. Not taking anything from BoScar or what he brings to the table at all. Was really impressed with BoScar making a catch out of the back field. I just think Harris is the most complete back we have. And apparently he's a helluva kick blocker, too.

    tough to get a read on Hurts' improvement. Nice ball to Ridley almost in stride. Just missed on another. Got to the corners a couple of times, but could've gotten there more without the stutter stepping. Do we not have any short yardage 3rd down plays where the route takes the receiver 1 yard past, instead one yard in front of, the 1st down marker????? Also, some of the play calling - I thought - caused the stalled drives. our O line has got to improve, just no other way around it. But, no false start penalties, and the one holding call I remember looked like a clean pancake to me.

    D line didn't impact the game as much as I expected given FSU's well publicized struggles from last year. But a couple of knocked down passes and a few deep pushes into the backfield helped disrupt things. Raekwon getting shot didn't seem to slow him down at all. Linebackers were our strongest unit, but we now have 4 nicked up backers. When Saban is enshrined in the college football HofF, will his bust be a DB with his back to the incoming pass while he faces the receiver? even with a few busted coverages, nothing made it over the top. and tackling was good after the reception.

    Special teams won the game, but it could've just as easily cost us the game with a 9 yd punt and two missed field goals. I have confidence that it was a fluke for JK. But PapaJohndopolis makes it a flip of the coin whenever we line up.

    I predicted a sideline penalty would go against us at some point this season. Didn't think it would come this early. Tony Brown is gonna Tony Brown, I guess.

    Overall, a somewhat ugly win is still a win. I am very happy our QB is healthy and we got the W this week. I don't care what the pundits said about this game, 1-0 is always better than 0-1.
    "There were no arguments, those were ass chewings....."
    Nick Saban 9/10/2016

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    Ridley better stop running his mouth at players

    Brown did good to walk away after getting head-tossed - but his extra hit at the end of the play was stupid

    Jalen - whatever can be said about his ability - seems to be a heck of a young man. FSU players were smack talking him after ever play/tackle. He just smiled and walked away. Never let it get to him.

    The D-Line penetration for FSU kept us from doing anything on offense. Their secondary was good enough to cover our receivers so Jalen had no where to go.

    Fucking kicker - Fuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk

    The sideline warning/penalty is bullshit. The timing of the 5 yard penalty was worse than the penalty. The safety's hold of our receiver kept us from scoring and the sideline penalty minimized their penalty. I actually thought they would slap a personal foul - horse-collar on that safety.

    Our D-Line doesn't have the ability of last year. Not hatin', just statin'

    SDH and Evans did a heck of a job inside

    Cam Akers is the real deal

    Special Teams (stating the obvious) was VASTLY improved! Kudos to whoever is responsible for that!

    ​​​​​​​The second half we were a completely different team - I loved that. I was proud of our team!


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      Levi Wallace absolutely blew me away last night. From walk on to a playmaker. That's a great example of what working hard and being patient can get you.
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        Hurts has to make better least twice he did a tuck and run with two wide open receivers. ( And gained very little yardage each time). D line has to get a better push.
        Seeing Francois get injured took the wind right out of my sails.


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          The way I see it we beat the #3 team in the country by doing what we always do. Find a way to win. Our offensive struggles were in large part to FSU D. noles d line and secondary are for real. We capitalized on some breaks they gave up to us. Our team especially the D is very young. But they showed they are able to carry the team to victory if need be. The offense will improve as the O line improves. Got some work to do there. I don't like the RB rotation. We need to let a guy get hot. I feel Harris could have torched them. We all could see the "want to" he had. Bo scar looked hesitant. (Wish we landed Akers, nice RB right there.)
          Over all... nice start to the season. Bama gonna Bama.
          Roll Tide!

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            Oh... and I thought we were going to use the TE more.... oh well

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              I saw virtually no difference in last year's offense and last night's offense. No difference in Hurts to this point. FSU has a helluva defensive line. I hated to see Francois go down.

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                We also suffered some significant injuries in the linebacker corp

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                  I have to give all the credit for our shortcomings to FSU. They played an extremely physical game. Make no mistake, they are a damn good team. May end up being the best team we play all year. Unfortunately, their record may not reflect it with the injury to Francois.

                  Not saying we don't have a lot of room for improvement, but my hat's off to FSU.

                  I was really looking forward to seeing a lot of improvement in the O line. Oh well, maybe against Fresno St.

                  Very proud of the D pulling it together in the second half. And the special teams, holy crap! Everybody knew that Bobby Williams was our ST coach, because we had to identify someone to put the blame on. I have no idea who the ST coach is, currently, but kudos to him. Just got to get our kicking game together.

                  I'm very pleased with the win. Roll Tide!


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                    -SDH, Lewis, Minkah were spectacular. Fun to watch those guys flying around

                    -Special teams... Obviously the difference. Kudos to the S/T coach who ever it is because those guys made some huge playes

                    -Pruitt had some tricks up his sleeve. I was impressed with how he mixed things up and got a lot of guys in the game.

                    -Levi Wallace appears to be a great option for CB #3. I feel super comfortable with his size & smarts. He's going to go from walk on to draft pick

                    -Offensively - No TO's. That is huge. RB's took care of the rock all night against a stingy D


                    -Shotgun... All night... Can we just get under center and let our 225 lb RB's get some momentum? Let our OL fire off the ball? Thought I was watching Kiffin 2.0 for most of lastnight. SMH

                    -Jalen didn't look any better... Quick to bail out of the pocket and run. In his defense, play calling stunk and he didn't get much time

                    -OL was a disappointment. Didn't get much push in the run game and struggled to protect. The shotgun sets are part of the problem IMO but they looked a step slow. Even Bozeman was a mess snapping the ball... Lots of improvement coming with that group

                    -Clock management... WTF. Snapping the ball with 15-20 seconds on the clock in the 4th quarter was head shaking. Didn't make sense. Especially the way we struggled to sustain drives. Luckily the D and S/T was dominant, but I hope they re asses that part of the game

                    -Tony Brown still a knucklehead. The less he's on the field the better I feel.


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                      I liked that we went for it on 4th down in the 1st qtr.
                      Hurts seems to be the same as last year. He didn't have much protection though. Maybe he will show us something on the next few games.
                      JK is awesome again.
                      Special teams did great and add a lot of excitement to the game.
                      I wasn't crazy about the time management.
                      Defense didn't look tired at all last night.
                      Sucks for the Frenchy. I hate to see players go down.

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                        Was expecting a 2 minute offense when we got the ball with 3 minutes left in the 1st half. Instead, we shit the bed.
                        "There were no arguments, those were ass chewings....."
                        Nick Saban 9/10/2016


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                          Originally posted by Biff View Post
                          I saw virtually no difference in last year's offense and last night's offense. No difference in Hurts to this point. FSU has a helluva defensive line. I hated to see Francois go down.

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                          I didn't see many of those jet sweeps like Kiffin used. It's probably because they would have blew it up if we ran it. They were a super fast Defense that didn't miss tackles or make many mistakes


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                            Jalen can't show you his improvement when he has no pocket to throw from. What few plays he had time to throw he made them. OL was not playing well and FSU has an elite defense.

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                              We will see improvement before we play Vandy. I bet we come out and close September with a huge bang.

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