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  • Post Mortem Clemson

    Really proud of the team for winning a game in this fashion with so many people picking against them. I’ve gotta admit I was doubtful myself.

    Offense : ( awful game by Hurts. Even the announcers pointed out back to back poor passes. His scrambles weren’t much better. He almost waited too late on his TD throw, and otherwise he bailed whenever he could. No progressions, although he wasn’t given much time on several occasions. But, his performance was still much better than the game plan and play calling for this game. That may be the worst planned and called game of the Saban era except for last game. BoScar was ineffective but repeatedly used and DHarris was again underutilized. At least we ran the ball more than last game.

    Defense - finally looking rested and healthier. Good game plan and execution. Dominated the LOS most of the night. Really threw their ears back on passing downs and effected the QB. Multiple sacks. Wished they had more clean hits on the QB when he tucked the ball. Multiple turnovers including a pick six (N.O.T.s have been missing this year) and two more near misses. Any time you have a big number running with an interception I am smiling.

    Special Teams - Pappanastos was squirrelly and could have really cost us in this game. Otherwise, our special teams was under appreciated yet again. JK Scott really helped flip the field several times. Punt and KO cover teams really helped keep the field position battle tilted our way.

    overall grade B minus, down significantly b/c of the offense.
    "There were no arguments, those were ass chewings....."
    Nick Saban 9/10/2016

    “I don’t know who is driving all this stuff, but to me it’s kind of like mouse manure when you’re up to your ears in elephant doo-doo,"
    Nick Saban 05/29/2018

    “You’re ruining the game with RPOs and illegal guys downfield. And you think it should be legal. You think it’s normal. Kiss my ass.”
    Nick Saban 06/13/2018

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    The play calling was terrible. All deep balls are drawn up after play actions that take way too long to develop. I want Hurts to take over, but he may be a game manager type.

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      Daboll needs his ass whipped especially for that 4th quarter. Not only did they take out our most effective back to help run out the clock(I don't know what's going on with Bo but he looks lost), he kept calling long developing pass plays when Hurts was getting enough time, most of the time. That said, Hurts needs to step his game up. Sure he may look calm, cool and collected when he makes silly mistakes but it'd be better if he just didn't make silly, completely unavoidable mistakes. That sack he took when he had all the fucking time in the world to throw it away was just ridiculous. I'm excited as hell about our young receivers but it will be no good if we can't get them the ball. We could have made more of a living running up the gut mixed with those quick dump passes to Ridley and Foster to attack the edges and keep them off balance and gassed. Daboll called a shit game.

      Defense came to play, just like I knew they would. I really hope Jennings is okay for next week, he played his ass off, as did Levi, Payne and Fitz. The whole defense was game but those guys stood out. Pruitt has done a much better job than Lane did last year in a similar role. Tony Brown needs to keep his mouth shut though. Where was Christian Miller?

      JK did a good job overall as expected and I was pleased with Diggs' ball security and decision making. Field goal attempts still make my butt cheeks pucker. What is it with BAMA and kickers?

      Never had a doubt about BAMA(Clemson lost just as much on offense as we did on defense) winning and I have no doubts about next week either. Kirby has the Dawgs playing well and props to them on the SEC title and beating OU, but now they're just in the way. Roll Tide.


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        Actually, I thought the offensive gameplan for much of the game was VASTLY improved over what we saw against Auburn. Later in the game, we got stupid again.

        Never in a million years would I have expected our defense to come out and play THAT well. Wow. I never imagined we could win with 259 yards of offense and averaging on 3.4 ypc rushing.

        As Trob said, Diggs did a nice job. I was a little less impressed with JK. He was average at best. Had two shots to pin them inside the 10 and he kicked it to the 17 once and the 11 once. Better than a touchback (barely in one instance), but far from good.


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          Didn't he have more than two shots... i remember at least one punt that was caught inside the 5 and one that was a touchback.

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        Great win. Jalen has a hard time finding his groove with some of the drops and Clemson DL play was very very good.

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          I thought the playcalling was much better, but the lapse in the fourth quarter allowed Saban to tell Daboll, word for word if my lip reading was correct, exactly what legions of fans have wanted to tell him for a while. Although JK could've lofted those two punts a bit farther, our goal was to not allow their dangerous return guy a chance. The touchback was on the cover guys, I thought. Hurts was still hesitant to either recognize the open receiver or pull the trigger - thank goodness Ridley kept funneling toward the ball. The underthrow on the flea flicker was a lost TD, as well as the missed short FG. 24-6 was comfortable, but Bama could've made it worse with better execution.

          If we can limit Georgia's big plays, I really like our chances next week.


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            Originally posted by Hannibal Lecter MD View Post
            I was a little less impressed with JK. He was average at best. Had two shots to pin them inside the 10 and he kicked it to the 17 once and the 11 once. Better than a touchback (barely in one instance), but far from good.
            No returns, kept them inside the 20 and had a chance to pin them on the 1 if the cover guy had displayed a little more awareness. He wasn't perfect but it was a pretty good outing.


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              I loved how we ran the pick play on the Payne TD. Sweet poetic justice. I also love how Renfrow was a complete non-factor. Those 2 things pleased me very much.


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                  I can’t stand the flea flicker because of how long it takes to develop. I thought we struggled on the medium to deep throws but we won and that’s what matters.

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                    You guys have pretty well covered it. My fav moment was when CNS screamed at Daboll. IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! Daboll just can't stay with what is working. I don't get that.

                    Jalen is on the verge of becoming a liability to this team. What a contrast with the UCF QB. I was glad that Todd B called out several of Jalen's bad throws. Todd knows a thing or two about playing QB.

                    OL is still a sad case. Couldn't protect vs. Barn DL; couldn't protect vs. Clemson DL. What do you think will happen vs. UGA DL? Those quick short passes were working. Why do away from that?

                    But we won the game convincingly. UGA will be a tough game, but I think we can win it.


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                      Cowturd says Bama will easily beat Georgia. Surprising coming from him.


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                        Kiffin on First Take this morning.


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                          I don't understand what happened to Bo this season.

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                            The broke leg.

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