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    Originally posted by Gilmer Dos Santos View Post
    no. if i stopped supporting everyone that said something i didn't completely agree with, i'd have no hobbies or friends. most people are just looking for a reason to get mad. you don't have to get caught up in all the bullshit politics.
    I refuse to let idiots ruin football for me. If I did, I'd stop visiting these forums (forae?).


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      I'm going to put together a team of little kneelers. We will be the talk of Tuscaloosa!

      Youth teams looking for a one-of-a-kind Alabama softball gameday experience should search no further than the Crimson Tide's Anthem Buddies program.

      Anthem Buddies will be able to interact with the Crimson Tide softball team before the game, will walk onto the field and be introduced alongside the team and join them as they line up for the national anthem.

      Participants must be at least five years old and no older than 12, per NCAA regulations. Groups of at least 10 but no more than 25 children are eligible to register. Space is limited and may not be available for every game. There is no additional fee to participate in the Anthem Buddies promotion, just the cost of admission.


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        Originally posted by Gideon Swashbuckler View Post
        Listening to black athletes in the NFL complain about the plight of everyday blacks in America would be kinda like listening to Bill Gates complain about white privilege.

        Gimme a break. STFU and entertain me.
        Don't really understand that analogy but it seems like you're saying that rich black athletes have no room to comment on the plight of every day blacks, as if many of them didn't come from the same areas, didn't deal with the same issues and don't still have family and friends who don't have the money, fame and platform that they do but are still dealing with all that. Why is it so wrong for them to use their fame as a way to bring those issues to light? Give you a break from what exactly? That "STFU and entertain me" line is suspect as fuck too.


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          Gun control yesterday, racism today. Yay


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            Originally posted by Stan
            Gun control yesterday, racism today. Yay
            Tomorrow......."We don't respect and appreciate our wimminz like we should"

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