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    Great read!

    But just as I felt that negativity creeping in, Tua took the snap and I saw all four of our receivers flying down the field. From there the play developed in slow motion before my eyes. My first thought was that this is a bold call. A really bold call. If the pass was incomplete, we’d be facing third and long, well out of field goal range. If the pass was intercepted, we’d lose the game right there.

    My second fear was dashed pretty quickly. The ball was a rocket as soon as it left Tua’s hand. As it sailed through the air, my eyes — like those of millions of others watching all over the country — shot to DeVonta. He was … oh, he was open. I’d covered him in enough drills to know he wasn’t a guy you let get a step on you or he gone. And on this play, he gone.

    Just like that, we weren’t in danger of losing a national championship. Now the referee had his arms up. The game was over. We won the thing.

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    That was excellent


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      That was outstanding. All of their articles are very good. I kept scrolling down and viewed the Mohamed Massaquoi video. I guess I was under a rock when he had his accident. I wish that young man the best.


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        The players tribune is a great website to check every few days or so. Always good stuff. Derek Jeter did well.


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          I thought Minka was in the bathroom when Bama won? Or was that another player?

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            Originally posted by RhinoGuy View Post
            I thought Minka was in the bathroom when Bama won? Or was that another player?

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            That's why he was "sitting in a chair" and it took him a minute, soaking in the environment, before he could celebrate with everyone else.
            "There were no arguments, those were ass chewings....."
            Nick Saban 9/10/2016

            “I don’t know who is driving all this stuff, but to me it’s kind of like mouse manure when you’re up to your ears in elephant doo-doo,"
            Nick Saban 05/29/2018

            “You’re ruining the game with RPOs and illegal guys downfield. And you think it should be legal. You think it’s normal. Kiss my ass.”
            Nick Saban 06/13/2018


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              Three things he said let me know....

              "It doesn’t feel like work to us so much as it’s something that makes us tick. It’s as necessary as eating and sleeping."

              "This little girl didn’t know me, but she knewme. She had developed a connection with me by watching me do what I love. The only thing in the world we probably had in common was Alabama football — and that was more than enough for us to share that nice moment."

              "I didn’t come to Alabama to have fun — but I experienced the most fun years of my life here. I didn’t come here to meet people — but I’ve met so many friends that I know I’ll stay close with forever."