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  • Originally posted by quack quack bang View Post
    Got to hear Coach Saban speak at the Boy Scout fundraiser here in B'ham yesterday. Lots of general verbage like one of his press conferences, self-realization, opportunities for success, The Process, aight, etc.. But a couple of items stood out.

    1. He mentioned that last year's team, as the season progressed, appeared to be more worried about winning than doing the little things that puts you in a position to win. His meaning, I suppose, is that the team got complacent, didn't have leadership instilling the "Alabama mentality," and when they ran into adversity, their lack of devotion to preparation caught up with them.

    2. Coach Saban and Coach Belichick just finished a "30 for 30, or whatever they call it" - it was just a brief mention in route to his answer of another question. No indication as to the program basis or when it would be aired, etc.

    3. The only specific player-related question he got was about Paul Tyson, who apparently is also an Eagle Scout. Didn't have much to say other than he's been in the program a few weeks now....shows good leadership, etc.

    4. He talked at length about instilling & developing self-discipline in the context of recognizing: A) your circumstances; B) your goal; C) the things you have to do to meet your goal that you don't want to do; and D) the things you shouldn't do but that you want to do.

    5. He's not a fan of the "free agency" market in college football evolving thanks to the NCAA transfer rules

    6. He mentioned that in the NFL, you have to play a guy - regardless of his buying into the coaching system/program - when the owner is spending the money. That's unlike in college where, if the player doesn't want to conform and wants out of the system via the transfer portal, Coach Saban can say "let me walk you down the hall to the compliance office."

    Nothing new, earth-shattering, or anything like that. But I'm still glad my son was able to hear it from Coach Saban. Hopefully it resonates more.
    Good stuff. Thanks Quack.


    • Students are going to get rewarded for staying during the 4th qtr this year.

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