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Rumor about Ohio St and Urbs

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    It's a comin'.


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      Barney Stinson wrote:

      Urban Meyer of Ohio State Buckeyes details brain cysts that cause headaches
      Urban Meyer said he was fully committed Ohio State and coaching after revealing a cyst in his brain
      causes severe headaches.
      I think I may have a brain cyst from plucking my nose hairs. When my nose hairs got too long, in times past, I would just pull them out, like a boss, because I didn't know any better. I thought trimming nose hair was for women and guys just yanked 'em out. Anyway, strangely enough, I was reading a National Geographic mag dated 1946 and in that magazine was this crazy, I thought, ad for a nose hair trimmer.

      In that advertisement, in all red letters, it said DON'T PULL YOUR NOSE HAIRS, it can lead to a deadly brain abscess or infection. Yeah, right, I thought to myself. What a sensational way to scare consumers into buying this cheap ass nose hair trimmer was my original thought.

      Just to assure myself that it was hyperbole meant to make sales, I looked it up on the Web of Intranets and dammit, what do you know, it's a real thing. Booger dirt really can seap into those holes created by ripping out the hair and shazam, you dead.

      The moral of the story:

      Don't end up like Urban and I with brain holes because you think it's cool and the popular thing to do to rip out those booger encrusted clumps of nose hairs.
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        I told y'all I had connections to those who have connections


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          Originally posted by Pinche Cabron View Post
          I told y'all I had connections to those who have connections
          Pinche Caboz comes through.