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    I'm more than willing to bitch about last night and all... But also into looking forward to next season. Some big shoes to fill on the squad and a lot of young talent needing to step up! Here are the issues:

    1. Is Saban still up for it? Sure hope so...

    2. We need a kicker. For real... We need a kicker. That shit tonight was enough to make Saban lose his mind.. So much so he had the kicker lead blocking. Damn

    3. 2nd CB. It's an issue. Looked to me like Smith may have ruptured an Achilles or something along those lines... I'm assuming he will be healthy by next season, but even so... We need an upgrade. He's one of the least "aware" players we've ever had on the field, it had to drive CNS crazy. (EDIT - just remembered Diggs will be back. LET'S GOOOO!)

    4. ILB. We've all heard Mack flirting with coming back... Hope he does. He has a lot to prove. Moses as well. But will Moody, Benton, or a freshman be ready to step in otherwise? That position was a disaster the last 6 quarters... Hard to stop good teams if your LB's aren't flying around making plays.

    5. OLB. So we will have Lewis back, HOPEFULLY HEALTHY. That should be a huge upgrade. Jennings probably did enough to warrant a solid draft stock... Guessing he goes. If so, who's next? Anoma? We saw what our secondary could look like tonight with no pass rush and that was just painful. We really, really missed having game changing edge rushers the last 6 quarters. Maybe Chris Allen will be elite... Someone must step up.

    6. DL. Huuuuuge question marks here. Q Williams covered up a lot of issues. 1 thing I cannot understand is why L. Ray was buried basically all season. He, Mathis, Barimore, and Wynn are up next. Someone needs to be the alpha.... Ray has the talent. Musika appears to be another JUCO flub... But maybe we can get a grad transfer to help with depth.

    7. OL - Replacing Jonah and Piersbacher... If D. Brown can stay off the hippie lettuce that should pop Leatherwood to tackle. Or maybe big Womack slides in at tackle and leaves AL inside. Is it Owens or Ekiyor at center? We will need a good one!

    Feel free to add to the list. Oh yeah... Punter. And, defensive coordinator? Did I say that out loud? RTR