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    Najee is a junior...


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      Originally posted by Tidestalker View Post
      Najee is a junior...
      Doubt he stays if he grades into second round.
      would love to have him back


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        Welp... Pretty much played out as expected - With the exception of Moses coming back. If he does... Despite all that weird legal shit he posted... I'd call it a big win! Especially with Leatherwood staying on board, and D. Smith coming back to ball out with Waddle.


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          Some reports today that Najee staying. No official word from Najee tho

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            That would surprise me if he stayed. He's a solid RB and would likely go in the 3rd round or better. Not sure he would improve his stock by staying. His playing time would likely actually be cut, with the return of Trey Sanders and the emergence of Keilan Robinson.
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              Originally posted by Biff View Post
              Seriously, how do we look? Will there be anyone to catch passes? Metchie?

              I stopped following recruiting closely a couple years ago.
              Defense gonna be stronger? Big drop in offense obviously.

              Should I prepare for disappointment now, or wait?
              Catching passes, Smith, Waddle, Shavers, Bolden, Metchi, and Williams are as good of a top 6 as anyone in the country.

              On defense, we should be much deeper along the Dline as we've recruited there really well lately. ILB is now an INCREDIBLY experienced and deep position. We'll miss Jennings and Lewis, but I expect our Front 7 to improve dramatically. Secondary should stay similar, but improve from improved front 7 play.

              We also ought to have Richard healthy and actually have a kicker.

              ​​​​​​Our Offense will be silly good, great Oline, returning QB, crazy skill talent, and the defense should get stingy again. I think we're the best team in the country preseason 2020.