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  • Phat Ass Phulmer Cup 2020

    So Ohio State out of the gate strong with 2 dismissals for rape and kidnapping charges being filed. Florida has its work cut out for it this year and may be eliminated already if Gonzalez has a kid in the woodshed.
    Ohio State football players Amir Riep and Jahsen Wint are accused of raping a woman in a Columbus apartment complex last week, and one of the men allegedly told her to say in a video recording afterward that the acts were consensual, authorities say.
    "There were no arguments, those were ass chewings....."
    Nick Saban 9/10/2016

    “I don’t know who is driving all this stuff, but to me it’s kind of like mouse manure when you’re up to your ears in elephant doo-doo,"
    Nick Saban 05/29/2018

    “You’re ruining the game with RPOs and illegal guys downfield. And you think it should be legal. You think it’s normal. Kiss my ass.”
    Nick Saban 06/13/2018