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Reading between the lines of a Saban quote

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  • Reading between the lines of a Saban quote

    Besides being arguably the best (or second best <insert houndstooth hat here>) coach in the history of college football, Coach Saban is a master at utilizing the media as a tool for his own objectives. Many times his responses to media questions appear rehearsed, and at times it appears that he is speaking directly to his team through media outlets. I don't think this occurs by mistake. With that in the background, I'm wondering what he is hinting at in the red highlighted quote below:

    "We scored more points in that game against a better defense than we did the first playoff game," Saban said. "We really scored 17 against Washington (not counting a defensive touchdown). At the end of the day, we played 80 plays of defense and gave up 14 points, and Clemson scored three times in the fourth quarter. So, what's that have to do with the offensive coordinator? Now, if we had kept the ball more on offense, maybe there wouldn't have been the pressure on the defense in the end or whatever, but we just didn't do the things we needed to do to win that game. "Look, having to make the change probably wasn't helpful, but it was better than the alternative and that wasn't my fault. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is."

    Is Coach Saban implying that Kiffin got the gig in Florida and refused to stick around for the championship game (which is not what Kiffin suggested in the media and would be different than what has happened with other coaches, i.e., Kirby). Or, is Coach Saban implying he decided that Kiffin could not stay around for another game due to some unidentified factor (game related, off the field related, or otherwise)? Or, is there some other explanation?

    Coach Nick Saban said Alabama's last-second 35-31 loss to Clemson in this year's College Football Playoff national title game is still a tough pill to swallow, something he will "never get over."
    "There were no arguments, those were ass chewings....."
    Nick Saban 9/10/2016

    “I don’t know who is driving all this stuff, but to me it’s kind of like mouse manure when you’re up to your ears in elephant doo-doo,"
    Nick Saban 05/29/2018

    “You’re ruining the game with RPOs and illegal guys downfield. And you think it should be legal. You think it’s normal. Kiss my ass.”
    Nick Saban 06/13/2018

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